Welcome to the next generation of work where we are honest about the impact of trauma-exposure & design solutions to mitigate it.

Compassion Fatigue RESET™& recovery

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Compassion Fatigue RESET & Recovery

Addressing Compassion Fatigue in the workplace requires great skill and expertise in trauma recovery, group facilitation, and professional development training.

Our Compassion Fatigue RESET™ program:

  • awareness, prevention & recovery methods

  • developed by trauma experts

  • derived from evidence-based research

  • custom-tailored to your organizational needs

    more individuals are exposed to trauma through work than through disaster, war, assault, or accidents alone.

    Will you start responding to this need? Our Compassion Fatigue RESET & Recovery does. It is available in NYC, throughout the U.S. and the globe.

WARM WORKPLACEs™: a humane way of supporting professionals who are exposed to high-conflict, trauma, and suffering on the job.

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WARM WORKPLACEs™: our Signature trauma-informed CARE model that places employees first.

WARM Workplaces™:

  • humanizes their experience

  • responds proactively and holistically to their needs

  • works to minimize and treat trauma-exposure

  • builds research-based protocols and initiatives with your team

  • provides hope & resilience

WARM Workplaces™ is a family of services that is custom-designed for your organization and culture. We work with your team throughout the process; this increases buy-in, impact, and sustainability. WARM Workplaces™ is available in NYC, throughout the U.S. and the globe.
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