WHY do we do this important work?


89.7% of the U.S. population has lived through a traumatic event. Your clients, students, employees, and leadership team are part of this majority.

We work with you to:
1.) Identify the impact
2.) Coach leadership
3.) Build-in prevention
4.) Provide recovery
5.) activate resilience


Compassion Fatigue RESET™ & Recovery /

WARM Workplaces™

Welcome to the next generation of work.

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The response was overwhelming. People were talking for days!
— Social Worker, Kings County (Brooklyn) DA
This was life-changing!
— Educator, NYC Department of Education
Taryn is beyond trustworthy and respectful of boundaries, but also knows when to push for the sake of growth. Working with her is definitely worth your time!
— Executive, NYC
The perfect atmosphere was created for insight, epiphany, and growth.
— Staff Supervisor, NYPH
...very safe, honest, and informative environment.
— Immigration Attorney, NYC
Taryn has set a high standard for consultants with her integrity, expertise, creativity, organization, professionalism, enthusiasm, and overall heart.
— Director, D.R.E.A.M. BX
I wholeheartedly trust Taryn. She’s always professional, compassionate, and actually listens. Taryn never comes across judgemental - ever!
— Director, NYC
Taryn is a fantastic facilitator. She is open-hearted and fearless!
— Doctorate in Education, NYC

We Keep you & your staff safe, trained, and responsive.


Forest Hughes & Associates Servicing Professionals in…

Policy & International Relations
Humanitarian & Rescue Efforts
NGO & Nonprofit Sectors
Health & Mental Health
Social Work & Social Service
Education & Higher Education
Researchers & Advocates
Media, Film & Journalism
All workplaces which have experienced violence or loss

Law & Dispute Resolution
Government & Public Service
Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement
Defense & Armed Forces
Emergency & First Response
Insurance & Investigation
Auditing & Collections
Banking & Investment
Tax & Accounting
Tech & Content Review